Dextall wins approved-supplier designation in $30-Million NYSERDA Retrofit Initiative


Dextall named as first qualified and approved prefab wall panel provided in sweeping plan to over-clad existing affordable housing projects for the State of New York

Dextall, a circular-economy construction technology company, has been named a designated manufacturing partner to serve affordable housing property owners as part of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s $30 million RetrofitNY Program.

Committed to empowering property owners, developers, and their partners to transform America’s built space for a vibrant future, Dextall’s pioneering construction technology capabilities earned it distinction as an envelope component provider in a multi-year NYSERDA initiative to give the state’s affordable housing portfolio whole-building energy upgrades.

The program is designed to help building owners planning substantial renovations in their roofs, windows, and/or heating system replacements within the next two years, specifically targeting net-zero energy solution providers for its New York City-based pilots and future opportunities as the program develops.

According to NYSERDA, “retrofits incentivized under this program upgrade the building exterior through the use of off-site manufactured, panelized facade systems and other building efficiency upgrades to lower building energy use. RetrofitNY allows building owners to seek renovations that achieve high performance and low carbon solutions with the goal of reaching fully carbon neutral renovation solutions in the future.” This is precisely Dextall’s operational model.

Dextall’s proprietary vertically-integrated software and unitized prefabricated exterior wall panel system won the NYSERDA designation in August 2021, as RetrofitNY’s first prefab wall panel systems provider, selected to over-clad existing facades on affordable housing mid- and high-rise projects.

To our knowledge, Dextall is the only prefab panel provider that achieved NYSERDA’s desired performance criteria, and does so at half the cost compared with competitive systems and approaches. To earn its NYSERDA designation, Dextall needed to meet seven criteria as an enveloped component provider:

  • Minimized occupant relocation during renovations due to use of building components manufactured off-site to shorten on-site construction times;

  • Lower utility costs and other building operating expenses;

  • Improved building resiliency during power outages;

  • Enhanced indoor air quality through electrification and improved ventilation;

  • Decreased outside noise penetration;

  • Enhanced aesthetic appearance of buildings; and

  • Compliance with building related local laws.

The goal of RetrofitNY is to spearhead the creation of standardized, scalable solutions and processes that will dramatically improve the energy performance of multifamily residential buildings while improving their aesthetics and comfort. At the same time, it’s NYSERDA’s intent to achieve these transformations with as little disruption to current residents’ home lives as possible, calling for Dextall’s innovative, high-velocity solution.

From the captured-carbon in the factory-based fabrication and high-velocity installation process to the durable high-performance of the building, Dextall’s proprietary, end-to-end platform drives building lifecycle impacts toward net carbon positive. Its building envelope solutions perform at levels 40% higher in energy efficiency than current code.

By integrating architecture, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, site work, and construction into a digital single-source-of-truth workflow, Dextall significantly reduces construction timelines and skilled-labor constraint risks, enabling the rapid redevelopment of green resilient buildings producing greater value returns.

Dextall’s digital system – capable of eliminating up to 24 months of project design coordination and construction inefficiencies – gives client stakeholders the advantage of end-to-end project cost analysis for the entire building lifecycle, starting with the earliest design stages that tap instantly into bill of materials level architecture and building detail. Dextall’s prefabricated unitized exterior walls are installed 70% faster compared with traditional onsite construction processes resulting in improved construction schedules.

Dextall precision-manufactured structural wall panels – complete with windows and cladding – plug-and-play together with dry perimeter gaskets, eliminating the need to wet-seal the wall panels once they are set in place, which also makes scaffolding unnecessary. Dextall’s industrialized design, engineering, fabrication and installation process eliminates jobsite waste, drastically improves finished product quality, lowering embodied carbon impacts and further reducing hauling and unused materials costs.

NYSERDA’s Clean Energy Fund, RetrofitNY, is working aggressively to bring a substantial portion of New York’s affordable housing units to or near net-zero energy (NZE) performance over the next decade and in so doing develop significant new business opportunities in the State. RetrofitNY supports ambitious climate goals, codified in the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, prioritizing disadvantaged and vulnerable communities.

These NZE retrofit solutions will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also:

  • Improve living space comfort and indoor air quality, as well as the exterior aesthetics of a large portion of the State’s existing affordable housing building stock

  • Provide substantial savings on utility and maintenance expenses for building owners, which in turn can use those savings to self-fund continued improvements

  • Become the business-as-usual rehabilitation model throughout the housing industry within New York state and beyond

  • Provide significant new business opportunities in New York

Conventional building upgrades often fail to address many unmet needs of building owners. Some of those unmet needs include:

  • Greater durability of structures

  • Lower insurance premiums

  • Accelerated onsite construction periods

  • Extended lifecycle durability, pushing out next required renovation

  • Minimal resident disruption and avoidance of the costs associated with relocating residents during construction

  • Sharply reduced operational costs

  • Increased certainty of the quality of the upgrade and subsequent performance of the building

  • These are needs best served by a scalable, zero energy Whole Building Retrofit Solution

Dextall has risen to the challenge by offering prefabricated wall systems that deliver on the following:

  • Scalability, Cost-Effectiveness

  • High Thermal Performance, Net Zero or Passive

  • House suitable

  • Maintenance-Free Exteriors

  • Design Excellence & Unmatched Quality

  • Installation process with NO scaffolds and

  • Minimal tenant disturbance

As an NYSERDA approved Component Manufacturer, Dextall proves to be a pioneer in the prefabricated wall system industry and a viable solution for N.Y. State Rehabilitation initiatives.

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