States' Build Back Better plans for affordable housing hinge on innovators

NYSERDA’s qualified retrofit panel provider, Dextall, ramps up momentum with recent capital infusion from Winklevoss Capital Fund, family office of Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. Read the full Forbes Article.

Here are few quotes from the article in Forbes.

“Specifically, NYSERDA’s initial aim is a proof case for an offsite-manufactured, high-performance wall panel system that suits its low- and mid-rise affordable housing community portfolio, achieving cost parity with what low-income housing owner-developers currently spend on renovations. The organization surveyed about 150,000 buildings in New York City alone, as part of its discovery of the project pool and requirements.”

“Dextall qualified to provide wall panel components in five different NYSERDA building types, ranging from low-rise pre-1940s masonry buildings to mid-rise and low-rise buildings dating as recently as 2006. Its vertically-integrated software and unitized prefabricated exterior wall panel system retrofits these masonry and concrete and steel structures into maintenance-free buildings that are cost-efficient, sustainable, and resilient. Dextall’s retrofit solutions can achieve a Net Zero or Passive House standard, which is necessary for states such as New York to reach aggressive climate initiative goals.”

“At Winklevoss Capital, we believe in determined entrepreneurs and their ability to positively affect the human experience for the better,” said Thanh Nguyen, Investment Manager at Winklevoss Capital. “What drew us to Dextall was its unique technology that is reshaping New York State’s affordable housing landscape. Dextall has developed a carbon friendly solution that is transforming new and existing buildings into high-performing, maintenance-free, cost effective alternatives to what exists today,”

“Winklevoss Capital’s investment in Dextall signifies a stepping stone of advance for the construction community,” said Aurimas Sabulis, founder and CEO of Dextall. “Dextall’s solution is a perfect match for innovators and trendsetters in the construction industry.”

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