As an AIA/CES Registered Provider, Dextall offers a program typically one hour in length which can be conducted in-person or virtually depending on COVID-19 safety guidelines.
After successfully completing our presentation, architects can earn 1 Learning Unit (LU) and 1 hour of (HSW).The presentation will highlight the challenges of conventional construction methods and offer solutions specifically geared towards panelized wall assemblies. We also provide a broad overview of the various prefabricated wall systems offered today. Lastly, we discuss the tools and strategies available to design optimally priced, high-performance, and aesthetically pleasing prefabricated exterior wall panels for new construction and retrofit applications.

To schedule an AIA presentation, please contact us.


Certified Installer Program (Dextall CIP) focuses on training unitized prefab panel installer’s team prior to an installation and setting them up for success. Companies that go through Dextall CIP programs will also receive extended warranties, product discounts and marketing materials to showcase acquired qualifications through Dextall CIP.

The training will:
  • Promote installer safety practices.
  • Provide clear instructions for proper handling, storage and best installation practices of Dextall prefab products.
  • Provide marketing materials to be shared with the clients identifying Dextall CIP’s qualifications and credibility.
To schedule an installer training presentation, please contact us.
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