Winklevoss Capital is one of the nation’s prestigious incubators of disruptive innovation to pursue a frictionless world and better human experience.

Dextall has pioneered a vertically-integrated software and unitized prefabricated exterior wall panel system, empowering the transformation of new and existing mid- and high-rise into high-performance, maintenance-free buildings that are cost-efficient, sustainable, and resilient. Thanks to its exclusive technological and prefabrication technologies, Dextall has been named a designated manufacturing partner to serve affordable housing property owners as part of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority’s $30 million RetrofitNY Program. Dextall’s maintenance-free retrofit solutions can achieve a Net Zero or Passive House standard, which is necessary for states such as New York to reach aggressive climate initiative goals.

“Winklevoss Capital’s investment in Dextall signifies a stepping stone of advance for the construction community,” said Aurimas Sabulis, founder and CEO of Dextall. “Dextall’s solution is a perfect match for innovators and trendsetters in the construction industry.”

In a 20-plus year career in construction, Sabulis has dedicated himself to utilizing technology to advance the fields of design and construction, and has a track record of award-winning and groundbreaking projects within the United States. He strives to unleash the power of technology combined with smart business solutions to favorably bend cost curves, achieve sustainability, and generate long-term value in mid to high-rise building construction.

Dextall wall systems complete with windows, exterior cladding, and integrated mechanical systems reduce on-site labor impact and reduce construction timelines. Our retrofit solution minimizes the current tenant disturbance, and it allows for an installation process with NO scaffolds. The retrofit projects then become scalable, cost-effective, and can lead to high-energy performing buildings.

“Our technology improves efficiency in every stage of the design, as it minimizes waste, and reduces carbon emissions in construction and building performance.”

Prior to starting up Dextall, in 2010 Aurimas founded and was CEO of INTUS Windows, a commercial glass/window enterprise that innovated solutions for high-rise buildings in the U.S., with manufacturing facilities across Europe.

The Dextall team’s number one mission is to improve living conditions for the communities we build. We strive for a sustainable world while minimizing construction waste and carbon emissions in buildings.

By providing advanced high-tech solutions, we empower innovators in the construction industry to strive for a more sustainable future, safer working conditions, optimized design time, and reduced construction waste. We, therefore, strive for more inclusive and healthier communities around the USA.

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