Breakthrough In BIM That Allows Architects To Fuse Design And Constructibility Together


Breakthrough In BIM That Allows Architects To Fuse Design And Constructibility Together, Empowering Them With End-To-End Build Cycle Impact On Mid- To High-Rise Projects

Dextall Studio’s technology platform can reduce design-to-installation timelines by more than 80%, providing architects instantaneous data into a whole-project federated model

Although building information modeling (BIM) software has progressed up architectural innovation’s S curve, from cutting-edge to standard-issue at their firms, a question still plagues architects.

So, why are big cost and time overruns still so common?

Few real improvements – i.e. more affordable housing, higher performing buildings, reduced carbon footprints – translate from the technology. Pain points still crop up throughout the process:

  • Project scope errors and mis-estimates

  • Design errors

  • Coordination costs

  • Timeline overruns

  • Collaboration and communication disconnect

Now, architects — enabled by digital technologies, predictive artificial intelligence, and collaborative data tools — can fuse design, procurement, constructibility, and site-work into a federated model. Accomplishing in minutes what typically takes 15 to 24 months of back-and-forth coordination, predictable costs and reliable construction cycle schedule information are now at their fingertips.

The result: better buildings, higher performance, and improved lives.

The Dextall Studio – complete with an array of technology and support services – puts a shared playbook into a highly intuitive digital platform that gives an architect end-to-end visibility, from concept and schematics, through design development, to construction documentation, and beyond, including code compliance, inspections and approvals. see

And it does so with lightning speed, all powered by an architect’s standard-issue Revit software with a Dextall-designed plug-in.

The risks – especially these days, as materials cost inflation, transport and oil products volatility, supply chain materials and products disruptions, skilled-labor capacity constraint, create an additional slew of carrying cost and uncertainty – can grind much-needed new, attainable, resilient, and environmentally smarter residential construction to a halt.

For architects, the challenge is how to ignite BIM’s benefits, to save time, to head off errors and other causes of overruns, to bend the cost curve, and to bring projects in consistently – and profitably — on time and on budget.

What Dextall has done finally syncs up experts and their respective knowledge and skills into a collaborative game plan.

The Dextall Studio empowers an architect using AutoDesk’s BIM software to use a Revit plug-in to access an algorithm-driven, instantly-retrievable library of building exteriors. Virtually, architects match the aesthetic concept to both the building’s real dimensions and an optimal pre-fabricated exterior wall-panel solution, with end-to-end knowledge of every specification, selection, and detail.

Dextall Studio-enabled architects can accelerate mid- and high-rise construction build cycles by 80%. At the same time, they maintain both first-time quality in the installation, and measurably improve building performance.

The Dextall Studio environment – free of charge to its architect users – enables architects to apply a Revit plug-in to mix and match from an array of architectural styles, materials and color selections, shadow boxing, etc, to give buildings a distinctive signature. All of this with complete real-time visibility into cost impacts of each choice.

  • Searchable data-base of shop drawing-level-details

  • Standardized section cut details for window and cladding installation

  • Standardized waterproof and flashing detail

  • Real-time exterior skin cost updates

  • Template solutions and design options optimization for cost and performance.

Architects, freed of tedium and time-loss, can instead create structures that will transform America’s built space for a vibrant future.

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