Our mission

A Real solution to a real problem

To accelerate decarbonization of the environment TODAY by bringing affordable and efficient solutions to build sustainably


Sustainable practices should not be a luxury; they should be part of our everyday lives

At Dextall, we focus on creating long-term economic, social, and environmental value for our clients. Our team works hand in hand with architects, contractors, and owners to ensure that sustainability is embedded in every aspect of the design and installation of our panelized wall system

We believe technological advancements must be accessible and affordable to all if we are to battle climate change. With decades of experience, our team's sole goal is to set a new norm in the construction industry for building better, more efficient, and more affordable buildings for our communities

Approximately 16 trillion dollars of new buildings are built worldwide every year. We want to ensure that those buildings exceed local, state, and national environmental regulations while providing a healthy lifestyle for their occupants

When Decarbonizing With Dextall

  • Increase Value

    • Favorable NOI — energy, insurance costs, maintenance — to property owners (retrofits)

    • Faster envelope enclosure means lower carrying costs for developers

    • Low-maintenance, durability and resilience

  • Comply With regulations and local laws

    • Exceeds energy code standards by 40%

    • Reduced carbon emissions in construction cycle

    • Minimal materials waste

  • Exceed Quality Standards

    • Consistent thermal and vapor barrier quality

    • High R-Value Wall Systems: R-17 to R-27

    • Occupant well-being improvement

Trillions will be spend to decarbonize the real estate

Trillion will be spent to decarbonize real estate in the next 20 years

Major cities are the major contributors to carbon emissions

In cities (like NYC) buildings contribute nearly 70% of Carbon Emissions

Buildings are 40% of the world's carbon emissions

40% of carbon Emissions are contributed TO BUILDINGS


A Real Solution to a Real Problem

Through automation, cost optimization, and transparent practices, we bridge the AEC industry gap between the design of prefabricated exteriors and the final exterior-wall construction at the job site

  • Efficient

    BIM Solution — Dextall Studio

    • 20X faster exterior envelope design process

    • 24 months reduction in exterior wall coordination process

    • 80% faster building enclosure process

    • Fastest in market exterior solution for renovations

  • Affordable

    • 10%-15% lower cost than onsite construction

    • 10X less laborers needed on the jobsite

  • Sustainable

    • 40% better energy efficiency than code

    • Suitable solution for Passive House and Net Zero

With Decades of Experience, We Rise to the Challenge

  • Dextall

    Dextall is a team of leading industry professionals who bring to bear decades of experience in engineering, technology and innovation in the sustainable architecture field, developing streamlined processes and smart labor solutions for the design and construction of commercial building exteriors around the world

  • Dextall’s CEO

    Aurimas Sabulis is a serial entrepreneur in the construction and technology sectors, committed to creating a high-performing, resilient, and sustainable built environment through industrial transformation

  • Dextall

    More Than 20 Years of Practical Experience

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