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Automated generation of BOM for each system, at every design stage

Dextall currently provides our clients with BOM (Bill of Materials) along with all of our additional services provided to architects and GCs that work with us. Our BOM documents are structured lists identifying all materials and components required to construct a product.

The BOM is the most critical communication piece in getting something manufactured, especially for prefab systems. This BOM document is guaranteed a very high level of accuracy due to the automatic generation algorithms that we use when specifying our product parts.

Dextall Studio is incorporating the same technology within a user-friendly web-based interface available for architects and accessible from any device, and as a part of a comprehensive technology infrastructure that provides seamless and direct communication among the architect, GCs, Manufacturing partners.

Other benefits of the automatic generation of BOM from Dextall Studio are:

  • Providing estimate costs and minimizing production delays and waste.

  • Helps identify the cause of a product failure during construction or Maintenance phase and work quickly to replace the faulty parts, materials and components.

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